About Us

World Newah Organization (WNO)

Not forgetting who we are, and where we come from, We, the Newah People, residing outside Nepal, feel the need to come together in a united way, in solidarity with our fellow compatriot, committed to the basic democratic values in-order to give back and help as much as we can, the country, culture and people we love, who have given us so much of our identity and history as a people, our name and our face. The unwavering will and desire of the Newah people to be a part of this larger human community whose obligation is always to lend a helping hand and strong shoulder of support to alleviate sufferings and struggles, and to remove all Asorts of socio-political dominance and injustice from this world and promote full and unhindered basic human freedom, socio-economical prosperity, cultural and intellectual development in all arts and sciences for the Newah people and people of Nepal.

The Objectives:

  • To unite the Newah people around the world in a democratic forum and alliance with purpose to support and help our compatriots in Nepal in their struggle for achieving their aspirations and dreams for freedom, political and human rights and overall development in every aspects of their daily life.
  • To preserve and conserve the unique cultural treasures and heritage of the Newah people and bring it to the people of the world so that they can know and appreciate their Newah brethren who has made their due contribution to the larger human society.
  • To bring the Newah people of Nepal into the mainstream of the national political life and international community of nations so that their work and contribution to promote basic humanitarian values and rights be recognized which shall ensure the longevity and survival of the Cultural heritage and identity of the newah people as part of the larger mosaic of world Cultural Heritage and Experience.
  • The Newah people and country of Nepal shall be the sole recipient and beneficiary of this Endeavour to give-back to their homeland by the Newah people of the world.
  • To establish a WORLD NEWAH FUND for the World Newah people in order to bring all human and material resources together into a full fledged financial institution of banking, lending and investing in business and developmental activities of the country Nepal that will support the preservation, enhancement the social-cultural development and survival of the Newah community.
  • The Organizational shall be an internationally based organization, with country chapters, where the newah people reside, and a forward based secretariat in Nepal in-order to impart and interact with all National Newah organization in Nepal.


World Newah Organization Constitution is available here