Second World Newah Convention - Program Details

Second World Newah Convention
March 25-27, 2016


Program Details

March 25–27, 2016
Sheraton Baltimore North Hotel, Towson, MD, USA


Friday, March 25, 2016
3:00PM – 9:00PM
3:00PM – 5:00PM Registration and Meet & Greet
5:00PM – 7:00PM Chapter Updates from International and State Delegates
7:00PM – 9:00PM Dinner ($25 + tax per person, with cash bar), Fitzgerald Room

Saturday, March 26, 2016
Emcees: Daya Shakya & Bimina Ranjit
9:30AM – 11:00PM
9:30AM Laskus (welcome) Procession, with Dhimay & Bhusyah (traditional instruments)
9:50AM Call to Order, with Newah song, national anthem of Nepal, national anthem of US
• Invitation to chair the Convention, WNO President Dr. Bal Gopal Shrestha
• Invitation to the stage, Chief and Special Guests Dr. Arjun Bahadur Karki, Mr. Malla K. Sunder, Mr. Rajendra Shrestha, Prof. Bruce Owen, and Maryland State Delegate
• Swosti Vacana chanting for good luck, Buddhist and Hindu priests Prajol Vajracharya and Bashav Rajopadhyaya
• Offering of Sinha, oldest Newah person
• Offering of Kokha (symbol of victory and peace), Mrs. Saroj Prajapati and Mr. Ram Lal Shrestha
• Introduction to the Program
10:00AM Inauguration of 2nd WNO Convention
Joint lighting of traditional Twadewaas, His Excellency Dr. Arjun Bahadur Karki, Chief Guest Malla K. Sunder, and the oldest Newah person present, with Mangala Dhun music
• Unfolding banner of WNO 2nd Convention, His Excellency Dr. Arjun Bahadur Karki and the Chief Guest Mr. Malla K. Sundar
• Introduction of non-US attendees (Belgium, Canada, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Nepal, The Netherlands, Portugal, Qatar, UK)
• Introduction of US state attendees (California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington)
• Welcome remarks, Jwoyal Ranjit
• Welcome song “Laskus Mye,” children from NPPA and NOA
• Welcome to Baltimore, local coordinator Mr. Season Shrestha
• WNO President Opening Remarks, Dr. Bal Gopal Shrestha
10:30AM WNO Business Session
• WNO General Secretary’s Report NS 1132-36, Dr. Narayan Rajbhandari
• Amendment of the WNO Constitution
o Motion to amend, Dr. Narayan Rajbhandari
o Support and second the motion, Mr. Swoyambhu D. Tuladhar
• Adoption of Constitution, WNO General Assembly
• WNO Treasurer’s Report, Mr. Swoyambhu D. Tuladhar
10:45AM Remarks
• Mr. Pushkar Mathema, President of WNO Nepal Chapter
• Dr. Jyoti Tuladhar, Newah linguist and former President of Nepal Bhasa Misa Khala Portugal
• His Excellency Dr. Arjun Kumar Karki, Nepalese Ambassador to the US

11:00AM Speech, Chief Guest Mr. Malla K. Sunder, Newah nhyeluwa, Co-ordinator Newah Swayat Rajya Manka Sargharsha Samiti, and Member Secretary of Nepal Bhasa Academy. Patron Newa Dey Daboo.
11:20AM Keynote, Keynote Speaker Mr. Rajendra Shrestha, Newah nhyeluwa, Vice President of Samaj Badi Forum, and Newah Dey Guthi NM
11:45AM Remarks from WNO Country Chapters and Local Newah Organizations
• WNO Country Chapter representatives
• Mrs. Saroj Prajapati, President of Nepa Pasa Pucha Americaye (NPPA)
• Mr. Ram Lal Shrestha, President of Newah Organization of America (NOA)
• Bhintuna messages, live through Skype or audio recorded
• Appreciation remarks, WNO Vice President Mr. Krishna Chakhun
• Concluding remarks, with HALIN NEWAH release, WNO President Dr. Bal Gopal Shrestha
12:15PM Lunch, Warfield Room
1:30PM NPPA and NOA Joint Session with Other North American Organizations
Book Debut, The Newars World-wide, Mr. Rajiva Shanker Shresta
2:30PM Paper Presentation Sessions
Session A, Fitzgerald Hall
Moderators, Mr. Jayambu Ranjit and Ms. Sarita Dangol
(additional details available separately)
• Prof. Bruce Owen, Wheaton College
• Prof. Jessica Vantine Birkenholtz, University of Illinois
• Dr. Jyoti Tuladhar, Newah linguist, former President of Nepal Bhasa Misa Khala Portugal
• Dr. Maheswor Baidya,
• Mr. Basav Rajopahyay and Mr. Pramesh Shrestha,
• Mr. Samantha Bajracharya,
Session B, Warfield Room
Moderators, Mr. Sanyukta Shrestha and Mr. Pushkar B. Mathema
(additional details available separately)
• [TBD]
5:30PM Documentary Film Screening, Reviving Nepal Bhasa, Sam Shakya & Bimina Ranjit
6:00PM Traditional Newah Bhoye (buffet), Fitzgerald Room, Himalayan House restaurant
8:00PM Announcement of Executive Committee, WNO Election Chair Dr. Maheswor Baidya
Acceptance Speech, new WNO President
8:15PM Cultural Program

11:00PM Adjourn

Sunday, March 27, 2016
10:00AM – 7:00PM
8:30AM Buddha Dharma Sangha Session
10:00AM Song and Speech, Ani Choying, Internationally Known Artist and Buddhist Nun
Release of Sulin (Nepal Bhasa CD), Mr. Prabin Tamrakar
Songs, Mr. Nhu Bajracharya
10:35AM Paper Presentation Session
(details available separately)
• [TBD]
12:00PM WNO Executive Committee Handover
12:45PM “Thanan Gana” Brainstorming Session
2:00PM Closing Luncheon, Kathmandu Kitchen
4:00PM Baltimore Harbor Tour
7:00PM Group Pictures and Bid Adieu