Displacement of Local Inhabitants in Kathmandu, Nepal

press release closeup illustration design graphic newspaper

press release closeup illustration design graphic newspaper

In the name of development, present and past governments of Nepal have been continuously expanding roads in Kathmandu valley by displacing local people. Most recently, in several locations in Kathmandu, including Kalimati, Kalanki, Thankot, and Chabahil, the authority is mercilessly demolishing private houses without providing any alternatives or compensation to victims. The Government of Nepal is carrying out this kind of thoughtless action even after the Supreme Court has given a stay order and the National Human Rights Commission has requested a stop to such inhumane actions.

Even during 3 decades of Panchyat regime, affected citizens were consulted when the roads were expanded. Work waited until the administration could advise and convince people of the need for change, and only after people were awarded proper compensation were the roads expanded. Now in Chabahil, Kalimati, Kalanki, and elsewhere, the Government is bulldozing houses by employing police force. The Government is trying to implement arbitrary plans to expand roads without talking to local citizens and gaining their support. The use of police force against these unarmed people is brutal.

The World Newah Organization condemns the unlawful and unnecessary demolition of long-time habitations of local people of Kathmandu in the name of expansion of roads. This action will not solve or abate current traffic problems but rather will create more problems. The Government must explore alternatives in order to settle growing needs for roads, housing, clean drinking water, proper sewage, adequate electricity, and so on. Kathmandu valley’s infrastructure cannot handle the growing population resulting from migration and should curb it immediately and settle new towns and cities outside the valley. The Government of Nepal should not flatten Nepal’s heritage sites and the ancient kingdoms of Nepal in the name of development and road expansion.

We urge the Government of Nepal to stop immediately its terror tactics against its own people, and we urge the Government to apologize to victims for damages it caused and to compensate them properly for lost homes and property.

The Executive Committee
World Newah Organization