Solidarity for the Sankharapur movement

WNO’s announcement solidarity for the ongoing movement to keep the historic name and rights of Sankharapur in Nepal

The World Newah Organization strongly condemns the recent changes made by the Government of Nepal and its political parties to gain control of the ancient town of Sankhu, renaming and rezoning it as Manohara Kageshwori Municipality from Shankharapur Municipality while making continued and concerted efforts to reduce or suppress its historic and religious significance to Kathmandu Valley, to Nepal, and to the Newah people.

As the oldest settlement in Kathmandu Valley, Sako/Sankhu has a long and important history that is deeply connected to Newah history, heritage, culture, and community. Most inhabitants of Sankhu Shankharapur are Newars. The recent movement by the Government of Nepal to displace or wipe out the Newars in various parts of Kathmandu Valley, including Sankhu, is inhumane, discriminatory, morally condemnable, and socially unjust. These efforts demonstrate disregard for the ethnic dignity of Newars and violate the basic human rights set forth by the United Nations Human Rights Commission for equal rights of indigenous people.

WNO expresses solidarity with Sankhu residents and supporters protesting these heinous acts by the Government of Nepal. The Government of Nepal must immediately take action to correct discriminatory practices and address these serious issues: reinstate the name Sako/Shankarapur Municipality; cease and desist displacement of inhabitants of Newah communities and indiscriminate destruction of their property, infrastructure, and sites of historical and cultural significance; develop a plan to reasonably communicate with and collect input from Newah communities about changes affecting the local population; and ensure that government actions and policies are ethnically unbiased and support basic human rights.

Season Shrestha
World Newah Organization Baltimore, Maryland, USA
February 23, 2017