Announcement of Election for WNO Executive Board Members for 2016 to 2019

Dear WNO friends and well-wishers,

It is my great pleasure to announce that the election for the new Executive Board members for WNO is now due. We are hoping to have a fair and inclusive election complying with the existing constitution of WNO. We are supposed to be electing following 27 new members for the Executive Board for 2016 to 2019.

Position Title – Number of nominee(s)
1. President – 1
2. Senior Vice President -1
3. Vice President – 4
4. General Secretary – 1
5. Secretary – 2
6. Treasurer – 1
7. Public Relation Officer – 1
8. Executive members – 16

The requirements for all the candidates, according to our constitutions are: a) Evidence of active participation in WNO activities for at least three years, b) Dedication to the cause and objectives of WNO, c) Availability of time for the given position, d ) Absence of active participation in any political parties and e) Ability to communicate in Nepal (Newah) Bhasa.

We the Election Commissioners request the interested candidates to file the nomination papers by email to by February 15, 2016 (Nepal Samvat 1136 Sillaga 8). While filing nomination, you are requested to fill in the attached form and send it to me through email. Any nomination, if to be withdrawn, must be done by March 15, 2016 (Nepal Samvat 1136 Chillatho 7). The final announcement of elected candidates will be done at our General Assembly on March 26, 2016 (Nepal Samvat 1136 Chillaga 3).

Dr. Maheswor Baidya (Chairperson, USA)
(I, Maheswor Baidya certify my signature on this page)
Advisor, WNO

Mr. Narendra Bhakta Hada (Commissioner, Nepal)
Chairman, WNO-Nepal Chapter
Mr. Rabindra Man Shrestha (Commissioner, Belgium)
Advisor, WNO

Download Nomination Form